Our Product

Convergent Communications is a telecommunications company that specializes in phone systems designed specifically for Home Instead Senior Care offices. Yes, you read that right. After working as owner operators of a Home Instead Senior Care franchise for 5 years, we are familiar with the specialized needs and requirements of such an office and painfully aware of the limitations of other systems on the market. Our current product is the result of years of tweaks and design to create a system that fits this use-case perfectly.

A Convergent Communications phone system is an all-inclusive system. We provide the hardware, the specialized software and the connection to the worldwide phone network. We handle the back-end setup and management. We are vastly different from the typical VoIP phone services currently flooding the market. They will send you phones, give you access to web portal, and leave the rest for you to figure out. We have spent years developing our system and figuring out how to get it to do exactly what we want. Expecting a business owner to go figure it out on their own is absurd - you have far more important things to do with your time. That’s why we take care of everything on your behalf. Ours is truly a turnkey telecommunications system.

What we do:

  • Provide the hardware, software and connection to the phone network so that you can not just receive inbound calls and place outbound calls, but do so far more efficiently than you even realized was possible.
  • Manage the phone system while ensuring security is not compromised
  • Make user changes in the event of staff changes in the office
  • Work with you to find out how calls should be routed in various situations such as calls from clients, caregivers, and service inquiries during the day and after hours
  • Monitor your internet and phone connectivity so that we can respond promptly to any problem that may occur
  • Make ourselves available for 24x7 support
  • Make modern, enterprise level features available at no extra cost, such as call recording, phone conversation monitoring, and automatic failover in the event of internet loss.
  • For a larger list of features and benefits,  please refer to this document

How to get started:

Give us a call at 863.229.3099 so we can discuss your particular needs and situation.

If you are happy with what you hear in the conversation, we will set up your office with a fully functioning system that you can try at no cost or obligation. You don’t even have to change your service over to us during this trial period. You will simply forward your existing phone number to a special number that we supply you, just as if you were forwarding your existing system to an on-call cell phone after hours. This way you are not burning any bridges with your existing service. We do this to make sure that you feel we are truly offering something superior to what you already have. After a reasonable trial period, you can decide if you want to switch over to us on a permanent basis. In the event you decide not to use us as your service provider, you simply un-forward your phones and go back to the way things were originally.

As with every workflow change, a typical new phone system can be intimidating. We do everything in our power to make sure the transition is as seamless as possible. We start with a system that is very intuitive. We then help train your staff in the use of our phones, and provide written and video documentation for further learning. In addition to this, we are always only a phone call away to answer any questions.

We do all this so that you can try us risk-free and fear-free. Ask us for a list of non-cherry-picked clients so that you can hear first-hand about the difference we made for them.

We look forward to speaking with you about your needs.